SGS Rent Free Welding Gas                                         

A.E.Prentice is now a distributor for SGS rent free welding gas.

We stock a wide range of rent free welding gases including:

  • 5% CO2/Argon Mix
  • 10% CO2/Argon Mix (only 50L Cylinders)
  • 15% CO2/Argon Mix (only 50L Cylinders)
  • Pure Argon
  • Oxygen
  • Pro Fuel

All gases are rent free and all you have to pay is a one off deposit for each cylinder an excellent way of saving you money click here or see below for our prices.

Cylinder sizes we stock are 10l, 20l, 30l & 50l.


Will my regulators fit SGS Cylinders?  SGS cylinders are the standard 5/8″ BSP fitting used on almost all industrial gas cylinders in the UK.

Prices below are collected from our yard and payment with debit card, BACS or cash on collection, so have a look and see what we could save you! Delivery is available for a fee depending on where you are.

So why not phone/email 01869 346800 or 07581 413536 – to find out more.

or find out more on SGS Gases website by clicking here

Require Propane or Butane Click here to buy today!!